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Traditional, guided tours- done the modern way! With just the perfect blend of technology, creativity and content, we’re here to make your typical experience at tourist sites unforgettable! Tourio takes audio tours to another level, engaging the user with personalised content, which is available in multiple languages and genres. What’s more, with the on-screen intuitive maps, you’re in complete control of your tour. When you Tourio it, rest assured- Learning aside, you’re going to have fun!

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About Our App

Unravel the stories and secrets surrounding various medieval monuments, forts and other famous attractions. Just start the app and you’re ready to go!

Tourio It!

We’re way into the digital age. So why not take this technology and use it in a place where it’s often missed, the leisure travel space for example? That’s right, DigiTravel is the future of tourism, and we’re here to take it to the world!

Everywhere we travel, we encounter things and situations, many of which we will probably never forget. At Tourio, we work to enhance and elevate these experiences, creating unforgettable memories in the process!

Visiting a new place can be intimidating. We know. As Robert Heinlein puts it quite aptly, we often feel like Strangers in a Strange Land! And that’s where we jump to your side. Miles away from home, we’ll be your friend. Apart from giving you a best in class tour, we’ll chip in with the best places you can head over to experience authentic local cuisine, or shop for regional handicrafts and souvenirs.

Not bad for a tour guide, eh?


Everyone’s different! According to your need, customize the genre, language and pace of your tour. In town for the whole day? Take a detailed tour! Stopping by for an hour? Just explore the main attractions!

User Friendly

Finally, hands-free travel! With just a pair of earphones and your mobile, you’re good to go. Tourio enables you to navigate a site easily. The handy maps and real-time voice overs simply guide you along the route!


All you need to know about the site- on your screen. Points of interest, cafes and restrooms are clearly indicated in sync with your location. Simply refer to these instead of wasting precious time looking for them endlessly.

How does it work?

Pack your bags, leave those guide books behind and get ready to experience Tourio!


Choose from an array of tours - monuments, heritage sites, galleries and more!


You’re the boss! Customise the genre, language and length of your tour. Don't we have diverse food and music preferences? Why should sightseeing be any different?


After building your package, select your preferred mode of payment. With one click, you’re through!


Read through a curated list of recommendations regarding the tour you’ve purchased- do this before you go there, so you’re well prepared!

The Tourio Experience

Tourio is your personalized tour guide! Now, forget the hassles that come with hiring a physical guide- Overcharging, long waits, incomplete information- When you explore with us, you're going to have positively extraordinary time!


Take a glimpse into the future of travel!

Our Lead Team

We had a vision of making travel easy and accessible, most importantly by removing the barriers faced by thousands of globetrotters everyday.

Tourio, we’re proud to say, is the product of this vision.

Hailing from diverse educational backgrounds with a variety of technical know-how, meet our team; constantly striving to enrich the global tourism industry through unique services and solutions:


Co-Founder & CEO

Sandeep Taterway

Co-Founder & COO


Co-Founder & CSO

Aditya Pandey

Chief Product Officer

Akul Gurtu

Chief Creative Officer

Vishwani Marwah

Chief Editor

Vijayant Saini

Web Developer

Frequently asked questions

Have questions? We're more than happy to answer them! If you didn't find what you were looking for below, reach out to us.

Yes. Our mobile platform has an offline variant. Tours which are available in offline mode and have been downloaded onto the device can be accessed without being connected to the internet.
You need to carry a charged mobile device, a pair of earphones and a downloaded-offline package of that site in case you plan to experience that site on offline mode.
A tour can be purchased before reaching the site or at the site itself. For purchasing a tour, you need to be connected to the Internet. You may time your purchase depending on the availability of Wi-Fi/ Internet connection.
Absolutely!. At the time of purchase, you can buy a tour for multiple users. The application then lets you share such tours with your fellow travellers. The fellow travellers,need the Tourio app installed on their phones- they can tap on the link they receive and enjoy the tour. Do note that the user making a group transaction would also be counted as one of the group’s members.
Ofcourse! Almost all tours are available in multiple languages and genres. You may select the right language and the best-fit genre anytime after the purchase but before activating the tour. Please note, once the tour has been activated, you may not be able to change your choices.
The full-version of the tour can be activated when you have reached the site you have purchased and are in close vicinity of one of the entry points. However, an abridged version is available right after the purchase and can be accessed from anywhere.
The tour can be activated ONCE anytime within 6 months from the date of purchase. Once the tour has been activated, it will be accessible for 48 hours only.
For the best experience, we recommend a path when you are at the site. However, feel free to sequence and pace the tour as per your liking and our platform would support on that too!
The application is designed to provide the right content at the right place automatically. However, you may access any underlying content (audio, text, multimedia) of a tour any number of times provided that tour is still valid.
Yes! Each tour is available for 48 hours post activation. The content can be accessed anytime during these 48 hours.
Unfortunately, we do not process any cancellation requests and therefore do not process any refunds. A window of 6-months is given to access any tour purchased.
The tours can be purchased and accessed/ used only through our mobile platforms. Our offering doesn't work as a web application (or through internet browsers).

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